Case Foodservice

Delivering a hygienic and fast ordering experience

The client

Founded in Montreal, Les Rôtisseries St-Hubert Ltée includes more than 120 restaurants in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick, and serves over 28 million meals each year. In addition to its Restaurant division, St-Hubert Group also has a Retail division which manufactures and distributes several food products under the St-Hubert brand and other trademarks, such as: sauces, soups, ribs, meat pies and chicken pot pies. The Company has a long tradition for innovating and constantly adapting to meet its customers’ needs.

Industry Foodservice
Country Canada
Founded 1951

The project

With COVID-19 continuing to impact the food & restaurant industry, St-Hubert become the first food chain across North America to propose a touchless food ordering solution based on AIRxTOUCH. This enables customers to browse and order their favorite f by simply using common and intuitive hand gestures, avoiding physical contact with the screen. As an ordering app, St-Hubert has chosen iShopFood that works perfectly with AIRxTOUCH Kiosk 55 e with an integrated thermal printer and a payment terminal.

Product AIRxTOUCH Kiosk 55
Software iShopFood
Rollout 40+ restaurants equipped

“It’s always been our goal to provide our customers the best possible experience at our restaurants. ”

Richard Scofield
CEO · St-Hubert Group

“Our priority is to take care of our clients. With AIRxTOUCH, St-Hubert will continue to deliver happiness!”

Katherine Harton
Vice-President Operations · St-Hubert

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