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Bringing people together

SKA Hub is the ideal solution for (re)creating strong relations between collaborators and companies.

The interactive social hub made for the post-covid world.

The pandemic has accelerated the democratization of hybrid work that makes social cohesion hard to maintain. Especially in fast growing companies that have to rethink their internal communication and create innovative solutions to engage their staff and reinforce the social bond. Since Covid – and seasonal diseases – are still threatening, companies have to choose safe solutions for their shared spaces, like interactive touchless technology.

“We have noticed a strong enthusiasm from our staff to use this new communication tool. The usage statistics are very encouraging and this new format allows us to communicate more creatively on a wide variety of subjects.”

Marie-Adélaïde Leclercq-Olhagaray
Director of Marketing & Communications · Arendt

All-in-one solution
for the corporate world

SKA Platform

SKA is our cloud-based platform that allows you to build, deploy and monitor your content across your entire fleet of interactive displays, hassle free.

  1. BUILD YOUR CONTENT with our modules.
  2. DEPLOY your content on your devices, through Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  3. IT'S DONE! Your content is published.
Cloud-based solution
Browser-based tool
Plenty of modules
Deployment planner
Users permissions
Screen groups
Real-time Analytics



Case study

Arendt LU

Digitalizing coffee corners to reinforce the internal cohesion and bring useful services & info to everyone within the company.